Sandblasting, low pressure blasting and dustless blasting for surface renovation, stripping.

All surfaces, all materials

On-site intervention with fully equipped vehicle

Outcome quality, no surface deterioration

Environmentally-friendly, no use of chemicals, waste recycling

Intervention in the Alpes Maritimes (06), the Var (83) and surrounding areas


Our equipment offers a wide range of possibilities and areas of intervention, from the most delicate surfaces (wood, fibreglass) to the most resistant one (metal).

Regardless of the access complexity, blasting remains the most efficient solution without chemical use for the removal of paint, lacquer and any other coating.


Here are a few examples of interventions:

Wood:  shutters, beams, doors, furniture…

Metal:  furniture, beams, siding, wire rack, auto body, boat hull

Stone & Concrete:  paving, wall, ground, facade

Gelcoat, fibreglass:  hull refit, swimming pools


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